City Power and MMC to Visit Lenasia Substation Damaged by Fire

City Power including Environment Infrastructure Services Department MMC Michael Sun will be visiting the Lotus Substation near Lenasia to determine the damage that was caused by fire and plunged most of the area into darkness. 

Affected areas included Zakariya Park, Vlakfontein, Hospital Hills and parts of Lenasia South.

Preliminary investigation suggest that the feeder board on one of the transformers caught fire around midnight and is completely burnt down.

Emergency services managed to extinguish the fire early Friday morning.

City Powers Isaac Mangena said the team will embark on mop up operations while investigating the cause of the fire.

“Further investigations will be carried out to determine the extent of the damage and to come up with a restoration plan which may include backfeeding the areas that are affected.”

Mangena said the estimated time of restoration has not been established as yet and customers will be updated on developments.

1 thought on “City Power and MMC to Visit Lenasia Substation Damaged by Fire

  1. Why Zackarriya park is always affected and areas that do not pay electricity like Lehae are never affected. Or is it because we do not close the roads and do strikes like them. This should stop. Surely there should be other ways to get us with generators while they are fixing the issue. Can we please be treated with respect, we all have our limitations. Enough is enough

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