Families of Lesiba Secondary School Learners say Death of Boys Accidental & Caused by Panic & Fear

The families of the two deceased Lesiba Secondary School learners said one of the boys accidentally shot his friend before turning the gun on himself after he panicked.

The families said they are deeply saddened and in pain by the loss of the 16-year-old learners and have issued a statement to clarify what actually happened on that fateful day when the two boys died.

The families said the two learners, Njabulo Ndhlebe and Zukiso Majola and their third friend who has not been named to protect his identity snuck out of the school in Daveyton during the break on Wednesday and went home. 

They said Majola showed his friends his late grandfather’s gun which he took from his house during the December holidays without his parents’ knowledge.

“In an attempt to impress his friends, Majola took the unloaded revolver and loaded the gun and started playing with it. While playing with the pistol, the gun accidentally went off, shooting Ndhlebe behind his ear.” 

The families said the third friend ran way while the Chief Albert Luthuli park community were alerted to the gunshot. 

“In panic and fear, Majola then ran away back to his home. When he got home, again in panic and fear, he closed the garage door and used the same gun to shoot himself in the head.”

The families said Ndhlebe, Majola and the third unnamed boy were schoolmates and best friends. 

The memorial service for the two boys will be held at Lesiba Secondary School on Tuesday, 18 January 2022 at 9am

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