Moti Family Denies Interdicting Police from Speaking to Moti Brothers

The Moti family have denied they have interdicted the police from speaking to their children after they were rescued.

The family have issued a statement saying they have been living in fear since their sons were found safe.

The Moti brothers, 15-year-old Zia, 13-year-old Alaan, 11-year-old Zayyad and 7-year-old Zidan were kidnapped  on 20 October after the car they were being driven in en-route to school was cut off by two others along the Tzaneen bypass before seven heavily armed men dressed in white overalls made off with the boys.

Two months after the kidnapping ordeal, the Moti family have moved to Dubai which has effectively stalled any investigation into their abduction. 

Naazim and Shakira said they have not issued an interdict against the police.

“The media reports about an interdict is a complete falsehood, and the truth can be confirmed with Major General Manala from SAPS.”

The family said they remained silent for fear of reprisal.

“Our boys came home to us but have not yet been able to live freely and without fear. We have been forced to make some difficult decisions to ensure their safety and well-being, despite the recent and sudden backlash.” 

Nazim and Shakira said their sudden departure to Dubai was beyond their control and for the safety of their children and hope to return to South Africa one day.

“For now, we have relocated in order to create a safe environment for our boys to heal from the trauma caused by their terrifying  ordeal, which many have failed to grasp the gravity and seriousness of.”

Naazima and Shakira said the Moti brothers need time to heal from what happened to them and have appealed for privacy.

Last week social cohesion activist Yusuf Abramjee said the Moti family’s unwillingness to cooperate with police on the kidnapping of the Moti brothers creates a perception that crime pays.

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