[WATCH] Ladysmith Qabrastan Affected by Heavy Floods

The muslim community have been requested to make dua for the residents of Ladysmith following the flooding of the town and the Cemetery Road Qabrastan after heavy downpours.

Residents are being evacuated to higher ground with humanitarian organisation the Al-Imaad Foundation assisting those in need.

According to Al-Imdaad, the high water levels have also caused the qabrs to be flooded and some have sunk.

Al-Imdaad’s Abed Karim said they are waiting for the water levels to subside so that the qabrastan can be taken care of.

“Ladysmith qabrs in floods. We humbly request all of you to make abundant duas Insha-Allah.”

Karim said it is still currently raining in Ladysmith and the water levels are rising rapidly.

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