[WATCH] Hundreds of Homes & Businesses Devastated by Floods in Ladysmith

Hundreds of homes and businesses have been flooded in Ladysmith following heavy downpours. 

Torrential rain has devastated the area over the past two weeks causing the Klip River to burst its banks and flood the CBD and residential areas. 

Residents are finding it difficult to cross roads and bridges because of the high-water levels. 

On Sunday residents had to be evacuated to higher ground as the rain continued. 

NGO Al-Imdaad Foundation is currently in Ladysmith assisting those affected by the floods.

The organization’s Abed Karim said the area has been severely affected by the floods.  

“Two points of the river have burst its banks, one past the Soofie Masjid and the other one more near the CBD. We are now providing interventions for people that were rescued and evacuated from the CBD and other areas.” 

The Al-Imdaad Foundation visited a residence of a family whose house was affected by the floods.

The video shows the entire house engulfed by water and despite their predicament, the family had hope that all would be okay. 

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