Malema: South Africans will Feel Neglected if Industries Exclude them & Employ Only Foreign Nationals

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema said South Africans will feel neglected if industries exclude them and employ only foreign nationals. 

Malema and members of the red berets conducted a visit to restaurants at the Mall of Africa on Wednesday to check the employment ratio between South Africans and foreign nationals. 

Malema blocked the Kream restaurant entrance after they refused a meeting that they had initially agreed to.

Malema said all he wanted to do was to talk.

“We were well satisfied they are adhering to what we are looking for. Kream has got almost a 50/50 arrangement and other restaurants got majority South Africans.” 

Malema has emphasised that the EFF is not stopping restaurant owners from hiring Zimbabweans. 

“No one should stop employing Zimbabweans here and say the EFF said they don’t want Zimbabweans. We want Zimbabweans to work here in South Africa, it is their home… But in doing so, they must be well considerate there are locals who must at all times be given a preference.” 

Malema said the EFF will continue visiting not only restaurants but also different institutions including the security industry, hospitality industry and farms. 

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