Moti Family Now Cooperating with Police Over Kidnapped Moti Brothers

It has emerged that the Moti are now cooperating with police to investigate the circumstances surrounding the kidnapping of the Moti brothers.

According to a tweet by Social Cohesion activist Yusuf Abramjee, police sources say the family is fully co-operating with authorities on the kidnapping.

In a statement issued last week, Naazim and Shakira denied they interdicted the police from speaking to their children after they were rescued.

“The media reports about an interdict is a complete falsehood, and the truth can be confirmed with Major General Manala from SAPS.”

Nazim and Shakira also said their sudden departure to Dubai was beyond their control and for the safety of their children and hope to return to South Africa one day.

The Moti brothers, 15-year-old Zia, 13-year-old Alaan, 11-year-old Zayyad and 7-year-old Zidan were kidnapped  on 20 October after the car they were being driven in en-route to school was cut off by two others along the Tzaneen bypass before seven heavily armed men dressed in white overalls made off with the boys.

They were found safe on 10 November last year and reunited with their family.

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