Saaberie Chishty Society Donates Much Needed Hearse to Stellenbosch Muslim Community

Photo: Saaberie Chishty

The Stellenbosch Muslim community have received their own Muslim burial coach to fulfil burial rights after a donation of a hearse from Saaberie Chishty Society in Lenasia

Prior to obtaining the new hearse,  burials were conducted using private vehicles or borrowing a hearse from a neighbouring community to transport the deceased. 

The Stellenbosch Muslim Burial Service through their engagement with the Saaberie Chishty Society requested assistance for a burial coach. 

Saaberie Chishty’s Abu Bakr Sayed said the recent upgrades to the organisations burial fleet had made available an outgoing hearse which was donated to the Stellenbosch Muslim Burial Society. 

“We cannot begin to share a progress update on this project without remembering the late Abdul Farhad Osman who made it his mission to engage with us and ensure the Stellenbosch Muslim community secure their own hearse.” 

Sayed said the hearse was prepared and given a fresh new look and left Johannesburg destined for Stellenbosch just days before Marhoom Abdul Farhad Osman’s return to Allah SWT. 

“A delegation from Saaberie Chishty Society had travelled to meet with the Stellenbosch Burial Service to fulfil the intentions of Marhoom Abdul Farad Osman and to establish ties with the Stellenbosch Burial Service.”  

The Saaberie Chishty Society has conveyed its  gratitude to donors which made it possible to upgrade its burial fleet and supporting the  organisation. 

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