Lenasia & Lenasia South Residents Concerned About High Crime Rate

Lenasia and Lenasia South residents are up in arms after a number of crime related incidents plaguing the suburb. 

Residents have called on the local police, Community Policing Forum (CPF), ward councillors and security companies and groups to take a proactive approach to curb crime in the suburb with active visible policing. 

Over the last week there have been a number of incidents reported, including house break-in’s, hijackings, drug offences and even murder. 

On Saturday, criminals broke into two houses in Lenasia, robbed a restaurant in Lenasia South, while a body of a woman with her throat slit was also found dumped in veld in the suburb. 

In a tweet, Social Cohesion Activist Yusuf Abramjee expressed the concerns of the residents. 

“Lenasia is being hit by criminals every day. Crime is escalating in the area and residents want the SA Police Service and GP Community Safety to act.” 

In the meantime, residents have been advised  to be cautious and vigilant in their surroundings. 

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