Disney+ Coming to South Africa this Winter

It’s official, Disney+ is coming to South Africa this winter! 

Walt Disney Co has confirmed that South Africans will also get the opportunity to watch some of the stories from a plethora of renowned production studios including Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic.

South Africans will also get to watch general entertainment from Star, which offers the latest series and movies from 20th Century Studios, Disney Television Studios, FX, Searchlight Pictures. 

In a statement, Walt Disney confirmed Disney+ will be launched in 42 new countries and 11 territories at the same time including South Africa, Turkey, Poland and the United Arab Emirates. 

Walt Disney Co has not yet disclosed pricing for Disney+ in South Africa – in the US, the service goes for $7.99 (R122)/month or $79.99(R1,217)/year.

South Africans already have a variety of streaming channels to choose  from including Netflix, Showmax, Apple TV and Amazon Prime Video among others. 

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