More House Break-In’s in Lenasia as Crime Spikes

There have been two more house break-in’s in Lenasia including a hijacking in Lenasia South.

On Tuesday, armed criminals broke into a home Olifant Crescent, extension 10 robbing the owners before fleeing the scene in a white vehicle.

Shots were were fired by the suspects, but there have been no reports of any injuries.

On Wednesday, armed criminals broke into a home in Scorpio Drive in extension 9.

The suspects forced their way into the home and held the occupants at gunpoint before robbing them of valuables and fleeing the scene.

On a positive note, the Lenasia Community Policing Forum (CPF) nabbed burglars trying to steal furniture in Rose Avenue in the Lenasia CBD.

The criminals forced their way into the home and were removing the furniture when they were handcuffed.

There have been a spate of criminal activity in Lenasia and Lenasia South with residents expressing concerns at the high crime rate and have urged police, the Community Policing Forum (CPF) and elected ward official to address the scourge and take action.

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