Red Ants Demolishing Illegal Shacks in Patsing Informal Settlement in Lenasia

A number of illegal houses and shacks are being demolished in Patsing informal settlement near Takolia’s farm in Lenasia, extension 9.

The Johannesburg Metro Police (JMPD) said the operation was carried out by the Red Ants on Friday. 

The JMPD and police are supporting the Red Ants to ensure calm during the operation. 

It is believed that there are over 250 illegal shacks built on the occupied land. 

Spokesperson Wayne Minnaar said officer will remain in the area until late afternoon. 

“There is currently an operation taking place in extension 9 in Lenasia where JMPD is giving support to a service provider for removal or breaking down of illegal shacks. 

The mushrooming of illegal shacks and unauthorized land grabs have become a common occurrence in and around Lenasia and Lenasia South.

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