[LISTEN] “We are a Toxic Nation Living in a Broken Society…” Ml Sulaiman Moola

Esteemed and renowned Islamic scholar Ml Sulaiman Moola said we are a toxic nation living in a broken society.

Ml Moola was speaking during the 12th Seerah Jalsah at the Nurul Islam Masjid in Lenasia on Saturday.

The respected scholar had just returned from a humanitarian trip with NGO Al Imdaad to Turkey distributing much needed aid to Syrian refugees to protect them from the harsh winter.

An emotional Ml Moola was sharing the details of a comment he received after engaging with an Aalim about providing same advices to his students just before retiring to bed after the days activities.

“In my broken interaction I seized the moment and I conversed with them. One of them recorded it and uploaded it, Subhna’Allah everybody sends me an acknowledgement. You get a question mark from a South African scholar, ‘but very strange, your toppy was not on your head.'”

Ml Moola recited an Arabic couplet and explained to the South African scholar what had happened.

“Ok, actually I am in a hotel here and this is the lobby area and I was about to sleep. We are a toxic nation and a toxic generation and we are living in a broken society and until and unless we don’t learn to account for our own actions that will negatively impact on others, we will remain where we are. I don’t owe anyone anything. No,no, me and you owe people a lot, we owe an apology to those we hurt. we owe respect to those we have disrespected.”

Sadly, some within the Muslim community have become fragmented and this has crested an atmosphere of disunity that far drifts away from the example and teaching of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

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