“Pity Those Who Speak Bad About Others.” – Ml Ebrahim Bham

Image: Wikihow

Esteemed and renowned Islamic scholar Ml Ebrahim Bham has advised the Muslim community to refrain from speaking bad about others. 

Ml Bham was rendering a lecture at the 12th Seerah Jalsah at the Nurul Islam Masjid in Lenasia on Saturday. 

The jalsah also featured two other prominent Islamic personalities and orators including Mufti Ismail Menk from Zimbabwe and Ml Sulaiman Moola from Lenasia. 

Speaking ill of others has become a reality among many communities and Ml Bham has advised the Ummah against the practice narrating a story from the times of the Sahaba (RA). 

“Someone one day came and tell him, and he said, ‘I feel you pit that the people are speaking bad about you.’ So, he replied and he said ‘am I speaking bad about them or are they speaking bad about me?’ He said, ‘they are speaking bad you.’ He said, ‘go pity them, don’t pity me’. 

In previous naseeha, Ml Bham advised the Muslim ummah they do not have the right to judge others, “because that is the domain and authority of Allah.”

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