Traffic Police Nab Over 25 Gauteng Speedsters & Negligent Drivers

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Gauteng Traffic Police have arrested over twenty-five speedsters on major routes in the province in the past two weeks.

The drivers were found driving negligently and recklessly, failing to adhere to the prescribed maximum speed limit of 120 km/h on a freeway. 

The traffic department said the speedsters were handcuffed on major freeways including the N1, N4, R21, M1 and N14.

Gauteng Traffic Police’s Sello Maremane said excessive speeding is one of the contributory factors to road crashes leading to fatalities.

“The worst-case scenario was the driver of a white porche who was apprehended on the N4 freeway to Mpumalanga on the 25th January 2022 excessively speeding at 204 km/h. The 47-year-old male driver was detained at Bronkhorspruit police station and will appear in court shortly.”

Maremane said some drivers have appeared in court already while other cases will be heard this week.

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