One Killed Another Wounded in Armed Robbery in Parkhurst

A man has been killed and another wounded in an armed robbery in Parkhurst.

Paramedics arrived at the scene on Monday following a shootout between four armed men and the local authorities.

ER24’s Russel Meiring said they found a suspect lying in the front of a light motor vehicle with a gunshot wound to his head.

Meiring said three other men were in the custody of the local authorities. 

“Unfortunately, the man in the car had already succumbed to his wound. Nothing could be done for him, and he was declared dead. Medics assessed the other men and found that they had escaped injury. It is understood that the four men had shot a man, seriously injuring him at his residence. The man was treated and transported by another service to a nearby hospital.”

The local authorities were on the scene for further investigations.

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