[LISTEN] “The South African Muslim Ummah Must Drop Their Heads Down in Shame” – Ml Sulaiman Moola

Esteemed and well-respected Islamic scholar Ml Sulaiman Moola said the South African Ummah and scholars leave a lot to be desired and should drop their heads down in shame because of their character. 

Ml Moola was rendering a lecture at the 12th Annual Seerah Jalsah at the Nurul Islam Masjid in Lenasia on Saturday. 

Other renowned speakers included Ml Ebrahim Bham and Mufti Ismail Menk. 

Ml Moola said while the South African Muslim Ummah can rave about the Islamic infrastructure, institutions, seminaries, the number of scholars and Ulama in the country, their characters are tarnished. 

“When it comes about character assassination, when it comes about slandering, this Muslim Ummah of this country has to drop their heads down in shame.” 

Ml Moola said during a conference in California in the US, he was impressed with an Islamic scholar and invited him back to South Africa to share his advices. 

He said the scholar was apprehensive about coming to South Africa. 

“I took that opportunity in front of that panel of scholars to invite him home and he kept quiet. I said please come to South African shores, I would love to host you and he observed silence. I mustered the courage to invite him again and he observed silence and on the third time he said, “because you’re persisting, I’m telling you, I am afraid your scholars will first critique my appearance before listening to my discussion.” 

Ml Moola said he was stumped by the response from the scholar, adding that the South African Ummah “can speak about a lot, but this Ummah must drop its head in shame.” 

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