Lenasia Residents Intend on Applying to City of Joburg to Take Over Contol of Lenasia Municipality

Image: Gauteng Newspaper

Lenasia residents through the leadership of the Lenasia Residents Association (LRA) are intending on applying to the City of Johannesburg to take over the control of the Lenasia municipality.

The LRA has written to the executive mayor of the City of Johannesburg Mpho Phalatse on Wednesday informing her of their decision. 

In the letter, the LRA said the basic physical and organizational structures and facilities in Lenasia have completely fallen apart.

Chairman Imraan Seedat said the entire region is facing such deplorable conditions that change is needed. 

“From our observations, the failing systems revert back to government entities that work independent from one another and fail to liaise with one another, so there is no co-ordination of tasks. This is evident as not one project started in Lenasia has been without complaint or completion.” 

The LRA said while Gauteng faces huge challenges, they do not foresee any effective change happening regarding the infrastructure upgrade nor maintaining or protection of any in Lenasia.

“We would therefore request that Lenasia be given independence to handle matters relating to infrastructure. This would be a stepping stone to save a small part of Johannesburg which takes the additional pressure off the City to keep up with demand.” 

Seedat said the LRA would be open to a transparent formal dialogue discussion, in hopes of getting people to participate in getting Lenasia structured and moving forward.

Read the entire letter

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