Criminals Break into Lenasia South Home Near Mosque

Image: Popular Mechanics

As crime continues to spike in several communities, criminals have broken into yet another home in Lenasia South.

It is understood an unknown number of suspects targeted a home in Flamingo Crescent near Masjid Uthmaan Gani just after 7pm on Friday night.

According to the owner of the home who spoke to Wired2News, the criminals forced their way into the home by breaking two burglar gates and the front door.

“Luckily we were not at home at the time. They stole a number of valuable items including my TV’s, computers and others stuff. We need to create awareness about the high crime rate in Lenasia South so other residents know what is happening.”

Over the past few weeks, there have been a number crime related incident in Lenasia South including petty theft, hijackings, business robberies and murder.

Many residents believe that the crimes are allegedly being committed by residents from illegal informal settlements which have recently mushroomed around Lenasia South.

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