[WATCH] Salaam Foundation Supplements Food Packs Distributed by Lenasia South Muslim Association to the Needy

Azhar Vadi - Salaam Foundation

At least 220 poor and needy Lenasia South residents have received food parcels from the Lenasia South Muslim Association supplemented withy meat products from NGO Salaam Foundation that will sustain a family of four for at least a month.

This small gesture from the Lenasia South Muslim Association (LSMA) and Salaam Foundation among other NGO’s was distributed on Sunday at Masjid Uthmaan Ghani in Lenasia South.

The LSMA said the initiative to assist the less fortunate started about thirty years ago.

Spokesperson Mohammed Maiter said the aim of the initiative is to uplift the poorer communities and assist them with their daily needs.

“So the parcel to give you a bit of a perspective in terms of what the parcel contains, the parcel contains just to accommodate the type of group of people that we distribute to, so it will incorporate some rice, dhals, toothpaste, soaps just to get them going for the entire month.”

Salaam Foundation’s Azhar Vadi has thanked the LSMA for allowing them to be part of the initiative.

Vadi said the Salaam Foundation supplements the food parcel with meat products.

“Our meat is produced and cared for on our sustainable farm project which is in the Northern Free State. The meat is then cut, packaged, prepared, punneted and then added to these parcels that are given out.”

Vadi said the Lenasia South community is among a plethora of communities in Gauteng that the Salaam Foundation is actively involved in to assist people that are less fortunate.

“So we go as far as Bekkersdal in the West, Tembisa, Soweto and parts of Lenasia, Boksburg and Benoni and many other areas.”

Vadi said the Salaam Foundation caters for almost ten thousand meals on a monthly basis which sometimes is complimented by a vegetable garden that is run by the NGO.

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