Mole Snake Found in Lenasia South – Expert Urges Residents to Report Snake Sighting & Not Kill the Reptiles

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A Lenasia South snake expert has urged people to report any snake sightings in their communities.

Yaseen Conradie told Wired2News he received a call out on Tuesday after residents spotted a Mole snake in Hillside, Lenasia South.

Conradie said by the time he arrived at the scene, the snake had already been “tortured” and killed by the residents.

“I plead to the community not to kill snakes that are found . Please call me and I will come and remove the snakes.”

Conradie said the Mole snake is non-venomous.

Last week, two non-venomous Brown House snakes were found at a home in Lenasia extension 13.

After the snakes were captured, they were released into the wild by Conradie

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