Tembisa Hospital Temporarily Closed after Nursing Assistant Killed by Partner

The Tembisa hospital has been temporarily closed after nursing assistant was killed by her partner at the facility.

It is understood the 30-year-old police officer arrived at hospital in a state vehicle that was fitted with blue lights and called the nurse to come out to the parking lot where he then shot her.

She died on the scene while her killer, who turned the gun on himself is now in a critical condition.

The Gauteng Health Department said patients currently admitted at the facility continue to receive care while the public will be notified when the facility reopens later today.

“Given the tragic incident the Tembisa Hospital is currently not in a position to receive the public into the facility and is diverting calls to nearby facilities. This will allow the police to work on the scene of the incident and for the debriefing and counselling of both staff and patients.”

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