[WATCH] Lenasia South Receives its Very Own LMA Madressah Premises

After almost fifty years, the Lenasia South Muslim community has received its very own madressah premises.

The Lenasia Muslim Association (LMA) in conjunction with the Lenasia South Muslim Association (LSMA) officially opened the madressah on Saturday. 

Located in Poppy street, the property and construction of the madressah was generously donated by the late Marhoom Hajji Faizlul Haq Gani’s family.

The madressah has ten classrooms accommodating learners from Grade R to Grade ten. 

Currently, there are over 80 learners enrolled at the madressah including seven female teachers employed to teach the classes.   

The madressah also has a wudhu khana and separate toilet facilities for male and female learners. 

LMA’s Ml Khalid Pandor who was very emotional  said the opening of the madressah  comes after a very long and difficult time. 

Ml Pandor said the COVID-19 pandemic forced schools to stop the LMA or any other organisation from using their premises for vernacular education. 

He said the Al Imaan Foundation and Bilal Combined/Al-Tauheed School came to LMA’s rescue and allowed them to use their premises for a short while. 

“Lenasia South’s brother Muhammad Gani, his mum and family came to the rescue they had this premises and said ‘Moulana can we make this a madressah’, we said Insha’Allah it could be done. Alhamdulillah now we have our very own premises to conduct the most important aspect of Taaleem for the Ummah.”

Muhammad Gani, son of Faizlul Haq Gani said his father’s donation of the property for a madressah  was to uplift the community of Lenasia South. 

“It was his dream for a few years but we could not get the right place and Alhamdulillah this has come up and fulfilling his wish that he had.”

LSMA Chairperson Abdul Rahman Casoo thanked marhoom Hajji Faizlul Haq Gani for the donation. 

“With you, this would not be possible. May Allah Ta’ala bless you all, give you barakah in your earnings and keep us  all united Insha’Allah” 

Speaking on behalf of the head of section of the new madressah Apa Asiya Khan, her son Safwan quoted a verse from the holy Qur’an in which Allah speaks of patience.

“With sweet patience, Alhamdulillah today the Lenz South community has been rewarded with a madressah” 

The LMA said construction is also  being undertaken in Kiasha Parks for its very own madressah.

Watch the video of the opening

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