Police Receive Another Complaint of Dead Body at Lenasia South Clinic

Police have received another complaint of a dead body at Lenasia South Clinic. 

Officers received information from a nurse about the unknown male who sustained gunshot wounds on the upper body.

It is understood, the man was shot at Thembelihle informal settlement in Lenasia. 

The police’s Bafana Ndimande said the victim was certified dead on arrival. 

“The motive of murder is unknown at this stage. The police are investigating a case of murder and we appeal to the community to assist us with the information that may lead to the arrest of the perpetrator.” 

This is the second dead body  that was reported by the Lenasia South Clinic relating to an incident emanating from the Thembelihe informal settlement. 

Police said the victim sustained severe injuries on the upper body after he was allegedly assaulted by a group of people. 

Four suspects were arrested for the crime. 

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