17 Injured After Bus Allegedly Loses Control in Centurion

Photo: ER24

At least seventeen people have been injured after a bus allegedly lost control on the N14 near the Eeufees Road offramp in Centurion.

It is understood the bus crossed both the centre median and the oncoming two lanes careening up an embankment before rolling on its side.

ER24’s Ross Campbell said when medics arrived at the scene they found all the injured passengers lying on the roadside below the bus.

“ER24 treated a seriously injured 33-year-old female with Advanced Life Support interventions as well as a moderately injured 44-year-old female. Two other people were found to have suffered serious injuries and the remaining thirteen luckily escaped with only minor injuries. They were treated and transported to hospital by other services on the scene.”

Local authorities were own scene for further investigations.

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