Bystander Killed During Robbery at Business in Eden Park Near Palmridge

Gauteng police have activated a 72-hour activation plan after a bystander was murdered during a robbery outside a business in Eden Park near Palmridge.

It is understood, a group of armed men accosted security officials of a cash-in-transit company on Sunday while they were collecting money from the business outlet.

The police’s  Athlenda Mathe said the suspects began randomly shooting towards the cash van before fleeing the scene on foot with at least three bags of cash.

“Sadly, one innocent bystander, a 38-year-old man, was shot and killed and certified dead by medical emergency personnel at the scene. Other vehicles in the vicinity of the business outlet were also shot at and damaged as a result of the shooting.” 

Mathe has urged anyone with information about the robbery to contact police. 

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