Pretoria Serial Killer Wellington Kachidza Sentenced to Six Life Terms & 192 Years in Jail

Photo: Deaan Vivier

A 28-year-old Zimbabwean national has been sentenced to six life terms and 192 years in jail for multiple charges including murder, rape, kidnapping, extortion, robbery and being in the country illegally.

Wellington Kachidza appeared in the Pretoria High Court on Thursday for sentencing after he pleaded guilty to the charges. 

Kachidza committed the crimes in and around Pretoria between January 2018 to December 2019. 

The serial killer used to lure his male victims pretending to ask for their assistance with driving before kidnapping them and demanding a ransom from their families. 

Once the families paid Kachidza he would then kill his victims.

Kachidza also targeted three women pretending to offer them employment and luring them to a bush or veld before raping and robbing them of their belongings. 

Kachidza was arrested on the 15 of January 2020, during an intelligence-driven operation. 

The National Prosecuting Authority’s (NPA) Lumka Mahanjana said prosecutor Advocate Pieter Coetzer argued that Kachidza was motivated by greed to commit the crimes.

“It was also argued on behalf of the state that Kachidza had brutally slaughtered his victims and that his actions had a severe impact on the lives of the rape victims as well as the family members of the deceased.” 

Public Prosecutions Director Advocate Sibongile Mzinyathi welcomed the sentenced handed down to Kachidza 

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