SARS Recoups R72 Million Outstanding Debt from Non-Compliant Taxpayers

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The South African Revenue Services (SARS) has recouped outstanding debt worth R72 million from non-compliant taxpayers. 

In the first matter, the Sheriff of the High Court seized assets belonging to two radiologists at Louis Pasteur Hospital in Pretoria over outstanding returns and a tax debt of R52-million owed to Sars. 

The directors of the practice Drs Mkhabele and Indunah Diagnostic Radiologists Dr Zulu Mkhabele and Dr Mevis Ponde applied to SARS for a compromise but it was declined. 

Sars said the debt emanates from the submission of various returns to SARS, including company income tax, Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE) and Value-Added Tax (VAT) returns, without payments over a three-year period.

Meanwhile, the Sheriff has auctioned the assets of Gauteng electrical contracting company Edison Power after it submitted returns without payment. 

Sars said the assets, attached in September last year, are estimated to be R20-million. 

Edison’s non-compliance took place over a two-year period.

SARS Commissioner Edward Kieswetter said the organisation has adopted a clear strategic objective to make compliance easy and simple for taxpayers. 

“We regard the overwhelming majority of taxpayers as honest and willing to comply. However, wilful and criminal non-compliance from whatever source, will not be tolerated. SARS will use every legal instrument at its disposal to make it hard and costly for such taxpayers and traders.” 

Kieswettter said compliance by taxpayers generates revenue needed to help build a capable state that can provide for the well-being of all citizens.

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