[BOOK REVIEW] Deep Collusions by Athol Williams Uncovers the Inner Workings of State Capture Design

Author photo: Commonwealth Foundation/Image composite: The Reading List

As a journalist, it is important to know about the current climate of the political landscape in South Africa. 

While journalists report on many issues, state capture has been by far the most intriguing subject for many reporters including some ordinary South Africans. 

However, while some many deem the subject boring, state capture has had huge impact on South Africa with the pain of the that blow reverberating across the country. 

South Africa is slowly starting to emerge from the clutches of state capture albeit wounded with a slow healing process that may take many more year. 

Reading Deep Collusion by Athol Williams was extremely intriguing but most of all it was easy to understand the intricate web of state capture. 

A former partner at the South African branch of US-based management consultancy firm Bain & Company, Williams presented evidence relating to the company’s alliance with Jacob Zuma and Tom Moyane in alleged state capture in South Africa.

Drawing on his testimony before the Zondo or State Capture Commission, Williams reveals the full extent of what his employer Bain did not want the public to know. 

Not only did Bain withhold information and witnesses from the authorities; they also attempted to buy Williams’s silence and block his Zondo testimony.

Deep Collusion uncovers the inner workings of state capture design. 

Williams takes the reader into the evidence that reveals the after-hours, behind-closed-doors planning meetings that took place at Zuma’s residences who was present and what was discussed. 

While Deep Collusion exposes greed and corporate corruption and lifts the lid on foreign profiteering and the weakening of South Africa’s public institutions, it also highlights the lonely burden of the whistleblower and the great personal cost of telling the truth in the face of overwhelming pressure.

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