Trio nabbed for robbery at Trade Route Mall in Lenasia

Three people aged between 31 and 47 years old have been arrested for robbery at the Trade Route Mall in Lenasia.

It is understood one of the criminals approached a woman in the shopping centre and informed her that she could give her a thirty percent discount for clothing.

Police say the suspect then asked the victim for her cellphone and called her accomplice.

Spokesperson Bafana Ndimande said the two suspects walked inside a store and left the victim behind while a third suspect approached the victim and asked her to put her handbag inside a plastic bag.

“The third female told her that she was going to look for the other two inside the store. She then decided to walk into the store and could not find them. She approached the security guard for help and they checked the CCTV Camera and saw the three females driving away in their motor vehicle. The victim was robbed of cash and other items to an estimated value of R13 500,00.”

Ndimande said the suspects were detained at Lenasia police station are expected to appear at the Lenasia Magistrates Court soon.

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